Guide to using Blackberry with exchange 2007

i have a blackberry device that i want to sync with our exchange 2007 server.

do i have to purchase blackberry server?
or do i setup by pointing to exchange ip and using ssl connection
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ALogvinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out BES Pro Express:

This can be a very cost effective way to handle a few users. Trust me, once you get hooked on these things you will sell your firstborn to keep them ;)
Hi Meteorelec, Blackberry enterprise server is by far the easiest way to setup integration with your exchange database to multiple blackberry devices, you can download the software form rim-blackberrys website for a 60 day trial, if however you only have a few blackberry devices it may be more cost effective to run blackberry desktop manager on the individuals pc to synch with their outlook  client(one minor problem, hist pc has to be left on to push email to blackberry device)

I hope this helps, Regards Iamgibbon.
meteorelecAuthor Commented:
hi iamgibbon, enterprise server is a little expensive as we would only have two or 3 users, and desktop wise would not work either as they are laptop users!
meteorelecAuthor Commented:
ALogvin, sorry only getting back now!

just having a look at this and it seems more suitable!

tho i am trying to understand how the devices will operate with the software! do i have to configure our firewall etc to forward appropriate data etc, do i need ssl certificates?
No you dont need any of that. You will need your firewall to allow an outbound-initiated port 3101 to RIM's network, but that is all. The server will create encyption keys between the device and your server all automatically... its pretty straighforward.
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