Is it possible to lock down a directory so it can't be deleted or moved, but people can create files and folders with in it?

Is it possible to lock down a directory so it can't be deleted or moved, but people can create files and folders with in it?

I have a windows 2003 fileserver and windows xp clients.  I was wondering if this was possible.  I would like them to be able to create new folders under this main folder but once the folders are created not allow them to delete or move?
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Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
if you right click the folder...
and go to properties...then the security tab.. then add the user/s/group/s and then give them read and write permissons...

also if you allow them 'special permisions' which i think is the bottom box then if you go to can really specify what you want to allow them to do, or not to do.
I'm afraid this isnt possible just using the standard permissions system; you would need to give the users modify permissions on the top level folder but once they have created folders under that, then they will be able to delete or move them as per ownership.

You could script something to reset the owner on these folders every hour or so and reset the permissions to modify using xcacls :

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Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
are you not able to just create the folders they require for them and then you can just give them read/write permissions
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urobinsAuthor Commented:
so read write would (no modifY) would stop them from deleting or moving the folders?
Is it possible to lock down a directory so it can't be deleted or moved, but people can create files and folders with in it?


Share out SubSubFolder3 and give them permission to create the files in there.  They won't be able to modify the SubSubFolder3 Folder at all.

If they have permissions through a higher part of the folder structure through a different share, such as at Folder1, Give them DENY to SubFolder2 so they can't get in that way.
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
read and write would alow them to create but not delete folders ;)
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
modify would allow to delete folders :)
urobinsAuthor Commented:
    The problem is they need to be able to create subfolders 2 and 3 but I don't want them to move subfolder 2 or delete it, if that makes sense.  

   I will give this a shot and see if it works for me.
Leon TealeSenior Penetration TesterCommented:
also take owner ship of the top level and then assign it to 'all sub folders' this may be found in advanced
If you want to give them the ability to create a folder, but then not rename or move that same folder, you will have to do something out of the box as suggested by chesha and hexemes.  There is no built-in permission that allows for that configuration.

urobinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all of the input I will split points as you all had the answer of not being out of the box and simple things I could try.
urobinsAuthor Commented:
While my answer did not have an answer I was looking for it was answered and rather quickly.
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