Private Interconnect 3 Node Cluster


I want to connect 3 nodes on the private interconnect, who do i do that? When i want to connect 2 nodes i used a crosscable, but with de third node i have to use a hub or something, but when i do that they can't find a connection with each other?

What 2 do!?
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Yes, you'll need a hub or switch for that. If they can't connect, then it's either a problem with the IP range or a physical problem with the cabling or the switch. Make sure you're not using cross-over cables when connecting the nodes through a switch.
The function of the private network connection differs in absolutely no way from the "normal" connection.
bitplusAuthor Commented:
I will try it again...
bitplusAuthor Commented:
I still have the same problem; when i use a crosscable between two nodes their is no problem, and i can ping each other. But when i use a networkswitch with standard cables they can't ping each other. It's driving me nuts!
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The switch is a dedicated one, only used for the cluster heartbeat? Is this maybe a manageable switch with VLANs on the ports? Have you tried with a simple Layer 2 hub/switch?
The nodes are definitely in the same IP range?
Could it be that the NICs are configured to something like 10Mb halfduplex, and the switch simply doesn't support it?
bitplusAuthor Commented:
The switch i use is a dedicated one, it's a simple netgear switch. The nodes are definitely in the same range cause it works with a cross-cable. The NICs are configured in 10Mb fullduplex.
Then that's likely the reason; the link speed on the NIC and on the port have to be configured identically, and if the switch only supports auto, the NICs have to be set to auto, too.
I know that Microsoft recommends configuring the heartbeart NICs with a static speed, but that dates back to times when automatic speed detection was far more unreliable than nowadays.

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bitplusAuthor Commented:
I will try to set the linkspeed of the private nic's to auto.
bitplusAuthor Commented:
I've set all the private NIC's to automatic speed and the problem was solved! Thanks for the help!
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