Static Library linking problems in Visual C++

I have compiled a static library called vlib.lib,  V is a GUI framework:
It is used by ponyprog wich is an open source program i would like to modify.

I have compiled the vlib.lib static library without problems.
However when i recompile the ponyprog program i get errors in the linking stage of the type unresolved externals. The functions it complains about are included in the .cpp files that make up the library.
1>E2dlg.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall vDialog::vDialog(class vBaseWindow *,int,char *)" (??0vDialog@@QAE@PAVvBaseWindow@@HPAD@Z) referenced in function "public: __thiscall e2ProgressDialog::e2ProgressDialog(class vBaseWindow *,char *)" (??0e2ProgressDialog@@QAE@PAVvBaseWindow@@PAD@Z)

Is defined in vdialog.cpp
//===================>>> vDialog::vDialog <<<=======================
  vDialog::vDialog(const vDialog& d) : vBaseWindow(d),
    vSysError("vDialog - V semantics do not support copy constructors!");
    _oldModal = 0;            // V:1.13

I am new to Visual C++, but i've followed the instruction in various pages ie:
to build and use the library and can't see what i'm doing wrong. (Note i have not being able to compile the vlib.lib using precompiled headers)

Thanks for your help

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Hi ealdaz,

did you set the .lib to be linked into the program? This can be done via dependencies (if both projects belong to same workspace) or by adding the 'vlib.lib' in the linker's 'Input' option 'Additional dependencies'.

ealdazAuthor Commented:
Hi Zoppo

Yes iI have added both projects to the same solution (I'm using Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition) and i have added vlib.lib in the linkers input option.

I do get the feeling that somehow it is not getting linked. When i open with a text editor vlib.lib i can find references to vDialog::vDialog so it does seem to be there...

I must be missing something obvious but no idea what it could be
Hm - maybe the function calling conventions differ between the projects. If so I think the name expected in the lib is different from the name of the function in the lib.

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ealdazAuthor Commented:
OK, so i have found what i was doing wrong, i was using the headers from the previous version of V without realising. THe classes are the same but obviously not what was needed!
Thanks again
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