Backup using SBS 2003

How do I exclude folders from Backup when using SBS 2003 Backup. When I try I get the following message "You cannot exclude CD drives, flopping disc drives or mapped network drives from backups"
my server is set up as follows:
Disk 0
C: 12GB - 2.6 GB free
D: 22GB - 6.7 GB free
H: 55 MB - 52 MB free
Disk 1
F: 31GB - 57 GB free
G: 37GB - 16 GB free
I am tryingv top back up to an Archive Python  06408 using DDS4 tapes

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zocoamaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can manually add exclusions to the SBS backup script, usually stored in..

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Backup\Small Business Backup Script.bks

..So it could look something like...

C:\ClientApps\ /Exclude
C:\Documents and Settings\ /Exclude
C:\Temp\ /Exclude
C:\wmpub\ /Exclude
JET SBSERVER\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group\

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I think you try to exclude somathing on D drive?

Tim_CarrAuthor Commented:
It happens whatever drive I am trying to exclude data from
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