Can I remove McAfee DAT files?

On one of my servers, I have 14GB of DAT files in the McAfee GroupShield folder. How many of these do I need to keep and what harm is there in deleting these? Is there a setting that may have been missed that handles these files?

There are also several other large files that do not appear to have changed in over a year such as RPCServ_7.log and so on. How far back should I keep these files?
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Simon EarlSenior ConsultantCommented:

Yes, you can delete them, but keep at least the last 7 days worth.  

I would then question as to why they're still staying on the machine

Is it just one machine and does the machine update differently from all of the others ?


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Hi there,

It all depends on which version of Groupshield you are using. I don't think you can just delete the old DAT files tough I'm not sure.

The reason I'm not sure is that McAfee has released a tool called PurgeOldDatDefinitions.exe for certain versions of Groupshield. You might really want to check into that before you delete anything at all.

My question to you would be: what is the exact version of Groupshield that you are using?

Cheers :)
BigRed0283Author Commented:
Well, I've got to split the points between the two of you. According to this article, I can either upgrade to 6.0.2 and use the utility provided (purgeolddats.exe) or I can delete the dats manually making sure to keep the default and the previous 3 DATs.

I am currently running 6.0.1 so I will just manually delete the files and upgrade later during change control.
what does PurgeOldDatDefinitions.exe do?, is it safe to run this?
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