Cant get WSUS 3.0 to work, cant see clients and also clients cant see server

Cant get WSUS 3.0 to work, cant see clients and also clients cant see server through a web browser

I have followed the instructions, set up the folders access, installed all the extras it told me to, and yet i cant view this from a web browser, even whilst on the actual machine itself.

i think this must be why i cant see any clients

can someone point me in the right direction, its most likley the setup of IIS or something along those lines.

This is a windows 2003 r2 server running sp2, fresh install of iis as well
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Hedley PhillipsConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
There shouldn't be any pages there, you configure the clients in Group Policy.

Have you added the address in GPO (http://servername)?

See the image below on how we have done it.

I created a WSUS GP for each of the groups in WSUS (servers, Desktop, Test) and then each one was configured to point to the WSUS server. In my case it had port 8530 on the end as we were already running a webserver (apache) on Port 80

Once you have set up the Group Policy, on a client,

1. Open a command window.

2. Type wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow

3. Wait 10 minutes for the detection cycle to finish.

Also, you may have to update the Windows Update Agent on the machines. The link for this is:

Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Did you install it on a different port from 80?

RPUKsupportAuthor Commented:
no, should i try changing the port?

When i try to get onto the site by going to http://localhost it just says page under construction
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Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Just out of interest, try this url:

RPUKsupportAuthor Commented:
it is on port 80, i just get page can not be displayed when using http://servername:8530

if i just try http://servername i get the following

under construction

this site your trying to view does not have a default page. it may be in the process of being upgraded and configured

theres more but its just contact your administrator etc.

In IIS itself I have no specified main page, i presumed WSUS would just sort this out, will i need to specify?
RPUKsupportAuthor Commented:
it doesnt have a default page, there are no htm pages in the web folder at all.

i have tried this now on 2 servers with the same results, maybe im best trying to find an older version and try that?
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