PuTTY - Unable to telnet out from MS Telnet Server

At work we have a MS Telnet Server that we use to then access various devices across the network.  At the moment I am using a program called Token2 to access the MS Telnet Server but this is rather limited in functionality.

Normally I use PuTTY for Telnet / SSH / Console however I have a slight issue when using it with MS Telnet Server.  I can login to the Telnet Server fine, but then when I try to telnet to a device, the command prompt just sits there:-


Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Service

login: domain\username

Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Server.


Is there a setting within PuTTY that I need to change to allow this?

MS Telnet Server is Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP1.  I can RDP to the server and then use PuTTY from the desktop without a problem.

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This should have nothing to do with Putty.  It should have to deal with the telnet client on the computer that you telnet'ing to in the first place.

Putty only knows about the telnet session between your computer and the Windows Telnet server.  It knows nothing about the attempted telnet session between the Windows Telnet server and the device.
soreilly80Author Commented:
When I use another program to telnet from my workstation to the Telnet Server and then onto a router, the display is correct, I get the proper device prompts etc.

I'm wondering if there is a setting that needs to be changed in PuTTY to change the way Telnet Server sessions are handled.
Um, I tried putty and one other telnet client and neither of them worked.  The only one I got to work is MS's default telnet client.

My guess is that MS's telnet server is doing something weird that is causing problems with other telnet clients.  I'll have to do some more  testing with other telnet clients.
Not sure what is going on.  I have tried:

  MS Telnet client

MS Telnet Client and Hyper Term allow you to run MS telnet client through a telnet session.  However Putty and Bluezone do nothing.  I am assuming that it is some type of incompatibility between the originating telnet client, MS Telnet server, and MS Telnet Client.

I still going to try and figure this out, but it could just be one of those MS things.  A combination of a poor telnet server and a poorer telnet client.

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soreilly80Author Commented:
Closing question due to no further updates forthcoming. Have searched the internet for other answers but not found anything.
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