Need vbscript to check CAL's on server

I want a vbscript to list server CAL's (Client Access Licenses),
so i need to see:
1) How many licenses are bought
2) How many licenses are used
3) The difference between them (x licenses left or x licensed over)
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rejoinderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not aware of any script that can access this information.  MS decided a long time ago to stop using that tool to track licenses sighting the changing licensing for future products which could not be maintained by the software.  You will find that 2003 server do not enable the service by default.
Anyway, here is an article as to the why half;
From that article I trust you will understand why there is no direct link to the information.
DutchictAuthor Commented:
There should be a way, if you can read them from the license manager, you should get to grab the data from somewhere, but where...
DutchictAuthor Commented:
We have contacted Microsoft and this is indeed not possible.
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