Problem with copying a .vhd file from 1 drive to another


I have an issue with copying a .vhd file from one drive to another.

Here is the situation.

I have a Windows Virtual PC 2007 file (.vhd) that is close to 5GB (4,957,500 KB).

My primary drive is an internal SATA drive and the file resides on an IDE drive set-up as a slave.

I want to copy this file to my external drive which has 366GB free.

When I try to copy this file to that drive I receive an error message (see attached.)

I tried copying the file using DOS and received an error message (unable to copy specified file.)

Anyhow, I would like to know why this would happen and how to correct this issue by having the ability to copy this file to my external drive.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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ajwukConnect With a Mentor Technical Consultant / Project ManagerCommented:
I think you've probably got the drive formatted as FAT32 instead of NTFS? FAT32 has a 4GB limit and throws up this sort of error.
Reformat the external drive with the NTFS file system.

Is the VHD dynamic? could be confusing the external drive;
can you zip the vhd and then copy it across and unzip?
(or rename the extension, copy and then name back again)
hope this helps
baxleybAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

I can't zip the file, but I'll try renaming the extension first and let you know the results.

Reformatting the drive may not be an option since I do not want to void the warranty.

Thanks for everyone's input.
ajwukTechnical Consultant / Project ManagerCommented:
? Reformatting the drive won't void the warranty?! Is it currently FAT32?
baxleybAuthor Commented:
Hi ajwuk,

You were right, reformatting the drive doesn't void the warranty and it needed to be reformatted to NTFS. I did that and copied the file with no problem.

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