ISeries ODBC Disconnection With UPS Worldship

We are trying to connect UPS' Worldship (Version 10) to a database on an ISeries that contains all the relevant shipping informmation via an ODBC connection. The connection works fine except for two issues. Firstly, the initial connection take about 3-4 minutes to establish itself. Once the connection is established, the data is populated in a timely fashion. I have heard that the UPS Worldship software indexes every table on its initial connection and not being an ODBC or Client Access guru I was wondering if there was a way to tell the ODBC connection to only look at the table that actually has the information we need.

Secondly, the ODBC connection times out after about 30 minutes of non-use with the following message:

ODBC Error: State=08S01 Error=[IBM} ISeries Access ODBC Driver
Communication link failure, comm rc=10054
CWBC01047-The ISeries server application disconnected the connection.

I had the system value of "QINACTITV" on the ISeries changed to the Max Value of 300 minutes, but the error is still occuring. When this occurs, the users must re-establish the connection and are stuck waiting for the connection like in issue one.

I am not an expert on either Client Access or ODBC, but we are transitioning to the Worldship software and need to get either a quicker startup on the initial connection or eliminate the timeout issue. UPS has not been very helpful in this matter, so once again I turn to the Experts.

Thank you very much for any insight!
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The time out probably is occurring with the ODBC driver, try adding  "QUERYTIMEOUT=0" to your connection string
for more info on the connection string check out

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How is the innitial connection part of this problem solved? UPS has used it's middleware solution CrossWare to use a VBScript to pass information back and forth.
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