(Windows Deployment (WDS) legacy images

I have an existing Windows 2003 WDS server in mixed mode with a number of LEGACY images on it (from RIS), we are shortly going to move Windows 2008 (new hardware, fresh install) but I need my legacy images to work:
- Can Windows 2008 WDS even exist in mixed mode?
- Can I move my legacy images from my 2003-2008 server?
- Can I migrate ALL my WDS images (boot images, install images etc) from 2003-2008?


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PeteConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
2008 can not exist in mixed mode, for the conversion to work it will need to be a 2003-2008 upgrade install.
BrianIT ManagerCommented:
I'm pretty sure you will have to convert your old RIS images to WIMs to work on Server 2008's WDS.  Take a look at this step by step guide as it does discuss some of the questions you asked.

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