Looking for a tool to examine Wireshark capture for Web usage by IP?

I am looking for a tool to examine packet capture files generated by Wireshark, to expose web usage by IP, or at least websites by IP.  Wireshark generates a useful list, but I want to breakdown to match sites to users.  Any additional features, such as examining full traffic logs to expose usage, torrent clients, Video streaming, also useful.

Has anybody used a tool (preferably open source) for this?

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funnymanmikeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
are you looking for something like pilot?

You could probably do this with PHP on the webserver.  Just grab the file, parse it and go.
zoics99Author Commented:
This is not on a webserver the wireshark capture is monitoring outgoing traffic from the network.  Capturing traffic on a mirrored port on the switch.  Thanks though.
zoics99Author Commented:
Unfortunately this is not of the cheaper variaety, but a good tool.
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