how to configure exceptions in squid Proxy server


I am using squid Proxy server running RHEL OS.
 We have local applications running in our office . Manually i am configuring the  By pass Proxy exceptions in IE for local applications.
My requirement is i want to configure those bypass  exceptions in squid proxy server itself not on the client side IE.How to do that in squid?

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You can't. The idea of the bypass exceptions in IE is to NOT send the requests for internal pages to the proxy, so trying to configure this on the proxy would make no sense, because then you'll have to send the requests to the proxy, to somehow "bypass" them there. Doesn't make sense, right?

But maybe I misinterpret your requirements. Can you please tell us what you are trying to achieve?


krishguddAuthor Commented:
Actually when i am trying to open the local application it was going through proxy,for that reason i  put the exceptions in IE.I have so many client side machines, its very difficult for us to configure the exceptions in client side i want to configure those exceptions in squid proxy server.
O.K., but do you see the problem? You do NOT want the requests go to the proxy, so you can't configure this on the proxy, otherwise the requests HAVE to go through the proxy, which you don't want.

The best solution for you would be to set this with a GPO on every client, or use a proxy PAC file on the clients.


krishguddAuthor Commented:
GPO  i cant do that.I have to do in squid proxy only.Is there any way
No way to do that on squid, due to the problem I mentioned.

If you can't do it with GPO, do it with a proxy PAC script.


function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
   // URL that match the pattern below, don't use a Proxy:
   if (shExpMatch(url,"*.local.domain/*"))                  {return "DIRECT";}
   if (shExpMatch(url,"application1/*"))                  {return "DIRECT";}
   if (shExpMatch(url,"application2/*"))                  {return "DIRECT";}

   return "PROXY squid.local.domain:3128";

Change "local.domain" and "application*" to whatever matches your configuration.
See here, how to use proxy pac scripts:


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