How do I create a full page graphic?

I'm brand new to InDesign, although I am comfortable with Photoshop.

The task before me is to create a full page graphic for a book cover. I'm limited to your basic desktop type printer, so I don't even know if my question pertains more to margin settings than it does InDesign, but I figured throwing the question out there would get the answer I need either way.

8.5 X 11, full page graphic - by that I mean I need the background color to extend to the end of the page. My question is how do I do that. Is that an InDesign resolution, or is something even more basic that I'm not considering?
brucegustPHP DeveloperAsked:
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studio631Connect With a Mentor Commented:
For print work, you need it to be 300 DPI, and to make color extend to the edge is called a bleed. You do that by extending your box 1/4 in all around the edge. However, Printing it to the edge normally doesnt work on a home printer. You may need to go to a printshop to get the bleed to print out. - For home print, the best thing to do is just make a 1/2" white border and fill with color of choice.

Hope this helps!
One more thing! You may need to check with the maker of your printer to see if that is possible to do! I've tried on my own and mine doesnt work!

Hope this helped a bit!
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