identity novell audit install through putty help

Hello I am using putty to acces sthe 64 bit suse server that we nee dto install audit on. I am new to putty how do I download and install the product from putty. Thank you
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Start puTTy, in "hostname or IP address", enter the address of your server, then click 'Connect'.

Login with your credentials, and follow the instructions given here:

For downloading the installation files, you would use the command:
wget <download_location>

Replace the download_location by the exact address of the file.
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
i need to download it to a loctaion on teh network or the same server?
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
is there a way to download from novell the identity audit from putty connectiin?
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Inside puTTy, while being connected to the server, you download it to the server with the wget command.

As far as I know, this is a commercial product, which I guess you have to buy from Novell before they give you access to a download location.
This is the Novell download page for it:

As you see, you will need a Novell Login to proceed, which I don't have. You could try to register, then login, and see where you get redirected. Then write down the name of the download location and use it from within puTTy as specified above.
Make sure first that they don't point you to an evaluation verion though. If they do, this means you will have to buy first.
Putty is just an SSH client, nothing more. Using wget from the server might not be possible as Novell require you to sign in to download most packages, and it's not done through standard htaccess style credential handling so you can't use http://username:password@host/file syntax.

Easy way is to download pscp from the same place you got putty. Drop it in your windoze directory. Then download whatever setup files you need locally, and scp them over to your linux server.

Open a command prompt and use something like this:
pscp c:\temp\audit.tar.gz username@linuxserver:/tmp

Then you can access the file from the /tmp directory via your SSH session.
zenworksbAuthor Commented:
i got all teh way to the step that says setup but errors out sayig I have to be root, for one I thought you coudl not putty to a suse server as root or can you? and teh client said to use sudo for elevated privalages any help
1. Have you tried loging in as root?
I've done that on Debian servers for years. Don't see why it should not be possible, unless a wise admin prohibited it - which will not be the case if this is a hosted server.

2. Even if you cannot login as root, you may always use the 'sudo'  prefix, as long as you know the root password. Type:
sudo <command>
you will be prompted for credentials, and then you will be able to proceed.

3. In the installation guide I quoted in my first post, they describe a method for installing Identity Audit on systems where it is not supposed to run with root privileges.


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