google analytics and page_load

I have a client with a website that we have added the google Analystics script to it.  He has a few pages that have links for pdf files.  So what I did was I have the page with the links (page1) calling a 'secondary' page (page1a) that has the google script on it so that we can track the user wanting to download the pdf.  So the logic is:
1) show page1 with pdf links.  
2) user clicks on pdf link #1 - goes to pdf#1link.aspx page...which in the page_load event has 'Response.redirect("1pdf").  in the html of pdf#1link.aspx page contains the google script.
3) user gets the pdf document

What I am wondering is if the script on the pdf#1link.aspx page will run BEFORE the page_load response.redirect("1.pdf") code will run...if not, under what event should I put the redirect?
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Praveen VenuConnect With a Mentor Technical Project ManagerCommented:
try to inject the javascript for redirection in the form load using Page.RegisterStartupScript

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