setting up owa when transitioning from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007

I am transitioning from Exchange 2003 to 2007. I have the server set up and am ready to move accounts to the new server. What do I need to do to get the web based email set up on the new server. I moved a test account and lost the web based access. Is there any way to run both at the same time during the transition.
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How did you try to access OWA?  By going to http://server/exchange on the old server?  That won't work any more, since OWA 2003 can only access mailboxes on the same server, unless you use an FE server.  It should have worked if you went to https://server/owa on the new server, and if you are lucky, going to https://server/exchange on the new server will allow you to access mailboxes that are still on the old server.
TMac123Author Commented:
I tried to access owa on the old server using the user account that I moved to the new server. I did this from the internet using the global address. When I did it then repointed to the new server but would not give me access. I tried from the LAN and it repointed me to the old server.
It probably won't work from the internet since you can only configure your router to direct incoming http traffic to one server.  This is why it failed when you were redirected to the new server.  Until you have all your mailboxes on one server, you will need to do all you testing from the LAN.  However, from the LAN, it should not have redirected you to the old server.  Can you try again, and make sure that it is really doing what you think it is?
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TMac123Author Commented:
Yes. It is doing what I think it is. https://exch2/exchange redirects to https://exch1/exchange.
What if you go to https://exch2/owa ?  Assuming that exch2 is the new E2007 server.
TMac123Author Commented:
That did it. I have about 350 people to move to the new server. I need to try to make it as seemless as possible. I can move them and repoint owa to the new server. Do I need to install a certificate on the new server for owa or is it somehow built into Exchange 2007?
The E2007 setup creates one for you, or you can buy one if you prefer.  If https://server/owa worked okay, then you are already using the new cert.
TMac123Author Commented:
Thank you for your help. One last question. I am currently using for the global url. Someone else set it up. If I change it to is there anything I need to do on the server to accept this as the url?
You just want to do this:
but use /owa now that you are using E2007.

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