Can you disable the Treeview double-click expanding of nodes?

I am trying to do some custom action with a treeview when a node is double-clicked.  The problem is that even when I don't have my own doubleclick event handler, the Treeview uses the double-click to automatically expand or contract an expandable node.  Is there a way to turn off this behavior?  It would be ideal if the nodes would only expand/contract if the +/- box on the node were clicked, and the double-click could be for the custom action.
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You can easily disable the expansion of tree-view on user double-click by ;
Go in to the treeview node editor and then in the properties set the 'SelectAction' property to 'Select' or 'None' so as to disable the doubl-click behaviour.
srbentleyAuthor Commented:
I'm adding the nodes dynamically and I was going to use the SelectAction as mentioned, but that property is not available??? I tried to do a MyNode.SelectAction but does not find it in Visual Studio 2008.
                MyNode = New TreeNode
                MyNode.Name = "S" & CStr(dr.Item(0))
                MyNode.Text = dr.Item(2)
                MyNode.Tag = "SECTION-" & dr.Item(2)
                MyNode = Nothing

Open in new window

Try adding a node in the design view by clicking the Smart tag for the treeview control , add a node and  see if its 'SelectAction' property is available.

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srbentleyAuthor Commented:
I see now why it is not available... this TreeView is inside a usercontrol and so my Nodes are System.Windows.Form.TreeNode not System.Web.UI.WebControls.TreeNode.  The SelectAction is not in the windows.form version.  My control had Imports System.Web.  I tried imporing System.Web.UI.WebControls, then it broke the code I showed earlier.  Can you even put a WebControl version of the treeview into a UserControl?  I don't see it on the Toolbar or does it have to be done programatically?
srbentleyAuthor Commented:
Your tip of using SelectAction didn't fix my problem, but it did put me on the right path to finding the solution.  I have moved this question to the section since I'm doing a Usercontrol inside of, and thus it really is a issue.
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