Internal Server Error when accessing Public Folders or the Availability tab in the Calendar on OWA?

I have used this site many times in the past to find answers to certain problems.  This is the first time I have had to post a question, so here goes.

I have several users that are receiving "HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error" when trying to access Public Folders or creating a new item in the Calendar and clicking the Availibility tab within OWA.  This is only happening on the External Front End Servers when connecting to OWA through the internet.  If the user logs into OWA from the internal LAN they do not see these issues.

I know this is somehow tied to the Public Folder Servers but have exhausted everything in my knowledge base trying to figure it out.  The kicker is that I do not have any issues accessing Public Folders or the Availibility Tab but others in my group that are setup with the same rights and members of the same groups have the issue.  We are all on the same Exchange Server / Store / Storage Group as well.

Has anyone run into this before?
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omawmf1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well, we finally got it figured out.  We changed the default public folder policy to point to another Public Folder server.  Once done all users were able to access Public Folders and the Availability option within the Calendar through OWA.  

Looks like there may be some database issues on the 1st Publci Folder server that needs cleanup.
The 500 status message is just a general error message that says that there
 was a processing error on the server.  To track down the cause of the error,
 you need to look for a more specific error message on the screen.  They
 usually look like 0x800a01a8, or something.  If you can't see anything like
 that on the display, check your IE advanced options and make sure that
 'friendly http error messages' is NOT enabled.  Enabling that option hides
 the most useful error numbers.

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Unaware of your environment.
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