Exchange 2003 getting Event id errors 3008, 3015, 3018, 3030

Yesterday around 11am I received quite a few errors in the event log.

Event ID 3008
A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.0.0 was generated for recipient rfc822; (Message-ID <>).  
Cause:  This indicates a permanent failure. Possible causes :  1)No route is defined for a given address space. For example, an SMTP connector is configured, but this recipient address does not match the address spaces for which it routes mail.  2)Domain Name Server (DNS) returned an authoritative host not found for the domain.  3)The routing group does not have a connector defined û mail from one server in the routing group has no way to get to another routing group.    
Solution: Verify that this error is not caused by a DNS lookup problem, and then check the address spaces configured on your STMP connectors. If you are delivering Internet mail through an SMTP connector,  consider adding an address space of type SMTP with value ô*ö (an asterisk) to one of the SMTP connectors to make routing possible. Verify all routing groups are connected to each other through a routing group connector or another connector.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Event ID 3015
A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.3.0 was generated for recipient rfc822; (Message-ID <>).  
Causes: Exchange mistakenly attempted mail delivery to an incorrect MTA route.  
For more information, click    
Solution: Check your route and topology; use the winroute tool to ensure the routes are properly replicated between servers and routing groups.

Event ID 3018
A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.4.0 was generated for recipient rfc822; (Message-ID <>).  
Causes: This message indicates a DNS problem or an IP address configuration problem  
Solution: Check the DNS using nslookup or dnsq. Verify the IP address is in IPv4 literal format.
For more information, click

Event ID 3030
A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.7.0 was generated for recipient rfc822; (Message-ID <>).

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

I've searched around the web for a bit and can't seem to find anything that relates to the problem I'm seeing. The messages that are producing these errors are sitting in the exchange smtp que's frozen. Can anybody point me in the right direction as to why this is happening? I've also verified that outoing e-mail is still working as well as incoming.
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pick the domain names - like

Go to a web DNS lookup service and look for the MX address of each one.
(My fave site is : )

This one comes back with various sites to be used for mail drop off.
Example :

See if you can ping them.
See if you can traceroute to them.
See if you can do

telnet 25

If that last bit works you should get something like :

$ telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.13.8 inb regex/8.13.8; Wed, 12 Nov 2008 07:07:51 -0800

If you get that then it should be working.  
I assume at least one of these is failing.  This would normally be a network problem.  maybe port 25 is blocked on your firewall.  Maybe you do not have a default route out to the internet.  Maybe your internet is down.

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JasonBrownleeAuthor Commented:
Internet is not down. I've verified that outgoing e-mail is still working to most e-mail address's so port 25 isn't blocked. Tested 4 different domains and all but 1 worked. The only that didn't work might have been a typo in the domain when the user sent the mail.
We can't fix typoeoeoeos :)

If most emails are working then these sort of mistakes are common.  Ignore them unless someone complains.
JasonBrownleeAuthor Commented:
I was mostly worried because there are roughly 49 messages stuck in que with about 44 unique domain names.
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