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Besides trying to tweak for keywords in a search, what are some other ways to get a site recognized?  I'm not selling a product but would like to get more hits.   I know one way is to post to relevant blogs but finding those that allow posting and are worth posting onto is proving difficult.  Any suggestions?

Here's my site:
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Off the bat I notice you don't have a meta description tag or a meta keywords tag. You could start with both of those, along with tweaking your Title Tag. Keep this thought in the back of your head, "What would the user I am trying to target, search for in order to get to my website?" These are not the most important factors, but it's good practice to have them. An example of a pretty standard Title tag and Meta Description Tag is attached. The Title tag is descriptive and to the point, and the Meta Description is a keyword rich sentence.

What search engines need to be able to see with your site is that it is trustworthy and then they will "crawl" your website, which leads to better search results.

I'm fairly new to the SEO world, so I would see what others have to say. But what I've mentioned above is good practice and can bring credibility to your website.
After sorting the number one things  of Meta Description, Keywords, and Title Tag. You should then look at using your H1 tags and creating pages about keyphrases.

If you line up your H1 Title Tag and Meta Descriptions with the same keyword in mind then your onto a winner. Keep your title tags unique too!

You could think about some Google Adwords to get you noticed instantly with Google

brettrAuthor Commented:

I don't use any H1 tags because they'll blow out the formatting.

Google Adwords are useless unless you have about 6 bucks to spend per click.  I didn't go with description and metatags because I've read virtually no search engine uses them anymore.
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It's not that they don't use them, it's just that they are weighted differently that say other factors such as back links.

I understand your frustration with this, and the biggest issue with SEO is that it is constantly changing and we don't have the exact break down for what search engines rank as important factors. But having a clean site is the first step in the right direction.

If you really want a break down of important factors with various options, check out: (This document represents the collective wisdom of 37 leaders in the world of organic search engine optimization. ).
This is also what I consider the "bible" of SEO - (beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization).

Again, I'm just a beginner in SEO, but what I've read on sites like and through various RSS feeds on SEO, you've got to have the basics in order to be a credible site.

I hope that does help you understand it a little bit more.
With regard to H1 formatting you can style them to look however you want nowadays with CSS and they are a main driving factor.

Take this from my long term experience on the subject the main things a search engine will look for first area good title, Meta Description and H1 then including some keywords for other benefits. search engine may not use them but it still increases your keyword density.


I highly recommend reading the PDF in this post from Google. This tells you everything Google expects from you.
brettrAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I'll follow their guide and your suggestions.  Do you know of any software or affordable services that will optimize for Google and actually work?
Just follow the guidelines in that document and you will be optimized for Google. There telling you what to do. I wouldn't recommend software for optimizing, you can probably do most of it yourselves and with the guidance from us Experts on here.

Good luck
Article Marketing is probably the best overall bang for your limited buck.  

I can't teach you everything you need to know here, but basically you create 400-600 word articles relevant to your keywords (either write them yourself or outsource for a few $ per article) and submit them to article sites like

Other sites will use your article as content for their site, which will create free backlinks back to your site.  This will help your traffic because people will read the article and click thru and it will help with your search engine placement because you will have one way links from other sites to yours.

I'll second that I wrote an article based on Vintage Fashion once and look at the links it has now.

Link to Google Article I wrote

157 Backlinks just in Google.
brettrAuthor Commented:

How does that work?  If you look at, there isn't a link back to his site.  All of the links are to some place on
The link is in the body text

Magic Of Making Up is the anchor text linking back to

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Nice work on that article Shane.

@brettr: He also has a link back to his squidoo lens with the text "Win Back Your Ex"

Each submission site has different rules about where you can place links in the article.

Just passing and will make a couple of comments.

>I'll second that I wrote an article based on Vintage Fashion once and look at the links it has now.

OK I looked and found one link.  Sure there are copies of the article but they do not have the embedded links.  For this you should be eternally grateful because most of the sites duplicating the article are crap sites and you don't want links from them.

>Article Marketing is probably the best overall bang for your limited buck.

It depends entirely on how you market your articles. If you use Article Directories as previously suggested you have no control over where they will turn up and it is nearly always in the wrong places.  Before they get flagged as duplicate content by Google they send a strong signal to the search engines that you like playing in bad neighborhoods.  However Selective Publishing (submitting your article to carefully selected sites) can be extremely effective. Look for high quality sites connected with your sector and call or email the site owner. Ask if they would be willing to publish an article on your chosen topic and offer to send them a sample.

>....increases your keyword density.

No search engine has ever used keyword density as a metric, simply because it does not work.

- duz

brettrAuthor Commented:

Ok, I'm still not sure on an answer to my original question.  If any Google is charging $6+ per decent keyword/term and there isn't a way of knowing if or any other place is good enough for submitting your articles, what do you do?
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