how do I get citrix session to show loginscript box?

as the title says.
how do i get a citrix session to display my loginscript when a application is runned?
my terminal server does not display anything at the moment, so if the script waits for keypress, the user will have to wait for ever because the black box is not displayed
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have your Logon script Group Policy Object set to show logon scripts?

User Configuration
Administrative Templates
Run logon scripts visible

I just tested this in my lab but it has two flaws.  It will show the logon script but the CMD windows does NOT get focus and the application does not wait on the logon script to complete.
thor918Author Commented:
I do not on these terminalservers.
Only thing I can find in the mess that looks like something similar is:
Run legacy logon scripts hidden: enabled
however the display of loginscript works on some of the terminalservers that does not have this policy.

What is the default behaveior of a citrix terminal server? to display or hide loginscript from the user?
thor918Author Commented:
i ment that does have this policy
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thor918Author Commented:
i ment that it displays loginscript that does have the policy I mentioned....
Carl WebsterCommented:
In my lab, I started with NO group policies and didn't alter the local policies.  My XenApp servers do not show the login scripts.  Only when I created a sample login script GPO and enabled the show login scripts did it display the CMD window.
thor918Author Commented:
Thanks for checking that out ;)
Group policy can be just awfull to navigate throug. there where 4 gpo's on a ou with computers. tried to run gpresult on one of the ts-servers, and it showed that only two of the gpo was applied.  I just can't understand why two of theme got filtered out. anyways thats a different story.

my conclusion is that would be better to have all loginscripts dump them self to file to a hidden share. if a share/printer mapping fails it would be much simpler to just read a dump file.

thanks again for swift replies.

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