Application pausing at "Running Logon Script" for about 10 seconds.

We are running Citrix PS 4.0 on a windows 2003 server. I have noticed that when users launch an app it will pause for about 10 seconds at the "Running logon Script".  What login script is it running?
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Probably your domain login script.
the "Running Login Script" message notification can actually be pretty misleading (I'm assuming you are talking about the Citrix login status window).  There are actually a lot of things going on at this point.  Best way to figure this out is to enable verbose logging.  Basically this will create a log file on the server when someone logs in and it will show everything that happens and the amount of time it takes for each step to occur (down to the milisecond)

see here for more info:

the section you'll want to look at is copied below:

--- text from article ---

This log file can help you pinpoint slow logon issues related to things you might not have thought of otherwise. For example, one environment was experiencing slow logons due to the domain controller. The IT staff had been focusing their attention on the path between the Terminal Server and the file server hosting the master copies of the user profiles. However, when they looked at the userenv.dll logs, they discovered that the domain controller was so busy that it was taking 3045 seconds to respond when the Terminal Server queried it to see where the user's roaming profile was stored. A $3,000 hardware upgrade to the domain controller saved this company 45 seconds on every user logon across 20 Terminal Servers.

You can enable userenv.dll logging by adding the following registry entry to a Terminal Server:

Key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Value: UserEnvDebugLevel


Data: 10002 (Hex)

The data value of 10002 will enable verbose logging to a file on the server. Once you set this value, reboot your server and check for a "userenv.log" file in the %SystemRoot%\Debug\UserMode\ folder. Remember to turn this off when you're done troubleshooting it, since each user logon can easily add 100KB to the size of this log file.

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