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I have one HP Proliant ML 330 G3 server. I thought this server has set up with raid 1, but it was not. I had a problem with installing service pack1, but finally installed it. Then I installed HP  array configuration utility and nothing comes up. I went to Disk management, it shows one 32GB C drive in basic and the other with the same size unallocated. The scsi card inside which has the two drives in ID 0 and 1. The scsi card HP part# is 324710-001. I tried to find a documentation for this card in HP website, but can't find any.  How should I make raid 1 and move OS and all data from current boot drive(c) to this raid? I could probably find a temporary computer and move all data to it, then move them back to the server after raid is set up, but I'm wondering if there's such a way to do all the tasks in the server.
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crcsupportAuthor Commented:
No, how do I remove the zone?
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
The card is a U160 single channel controller, it doesn't do RAID.
You can setup software RAID simply enough by making the drives dynamic and then selecting to mirror them -

Alternatively you could buy a 641 or 6402 RAID controller but you would have to wipe the disks and start again since these RAID controllers write metadata at the begining of the disk. You might get away with imaging using ghost or similar, add the controller first so that it picks it up and installs the required drivers, then ghost it off, mive the cable to the other controller,. change boot order in BIOS and ghost back again.

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crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Thank you, andyalder.
For now, I may do software raid after I revisited how scsi works because I'm not familiar with it and don't want to screw up the server.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Another question. Do you know why HP System Management Homepage doesn't show the scsi controller under storage section? the SMH version is
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