php and wget

Hi all,

I have a small problem I hope you can all help me with.

I have two totally different websites located on different servers. Lets call them A and B.

What I want to happen is user goes to site A and fills in a forum. When hitting submit the form is processed, added to a database and also the php file processing the form calls a remote script hosted on website B and passes variables in the url to that form.

On site B the script is called and reads in the $_get parameters. It uses these parameters and processes them and posts output on a private forum.

Problem I am having is that the wget part and passing the variables to the script.

The $boturl is formed correctly as when I echoed it out as a test it comes out fine. When I go to folder the script is running from it shows a file that resulted from the wget has the filename: postdata.php?password=temppassword and thats it. So seems when wget is pulling the file at the url it only passes the password variable and nothing else after the first &

On B's side the script only runs if password is correctly passed which it is but no other variables are being passed correctly so end results are blank/empty variables.

Am I doing something wrong?
// Code from site A  --  All variables assigned values fruther above in my code (not shown here)
$boturl = "" . $files . "&size=" . $size_temp . "&name=" . $name . "&url=" . $website;
system("wget " . $boturl);
// Code from site b
$turl = isset( $_GET['url'] ) ? $_GET['url'] : '';
$password = isset( $_GET['password'] ) ? $_GET['password'] :
// etc etc

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Instead of system(wget) try CURL or simply this:

$x = file_get_contents($boturl);

HTH, ~Ray

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I'd prefer Ray's solution however if you must use the system() wget command, you may need to wrap the URL in single quotes because some characters are interpreted literally, such as a space.
SerjTechAuthor Commented:
When using $x = file_get_contents($boturl); I get the following error:

Warning: file_get_contents( MB&name=Test Filename&&url= [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request in /home/testsite/ on line 205

Line 205 is:
$x = file_get_contents($boturl);

But if I run that url in the error message via my browser the page will open and run fine processing all the information.
SerjTechAuthor Commented:
Got it working now.

Problem was a space in the url that script didn't like getting so used str_replace to handle the space character and it worked fine first time.

So thank you both for your answers.
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