Deny write permission on flash10a.ocx

Hi Guys,

 Got a real tiresome error here. We have got Flash Player 10 on one of our servers, but i keep getting write deny permissons (everyone) on the following file flash10a.ocx. Flash will not work when  it is like this. I will then manually remove the deny permission and re-run flashutil10a.exe and it will then work.

It will then for no appartent reason go again.

Driving me wild this one is.

Running windows 2003, with ie7

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BrattisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Remove "full control" permissions on the file for all except Dom admins (even remove it for system, creator owner and such). Then, no one exept domain admins will be able to change security on the file. Guess this will fix the problem.

iimiaITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the advice guys. i Think i have managed to fix the problem by, sorting out the registy permissions for this folder. In there were the deny permissions for the files. I removed these denied permissions and it "seems" to be working well !

Thanks for advice though guys
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