Incoming and Outgoing Messages Stuck in Local Delivery Queue

We experienced a failed drive on our Raid 5 on Friday, and replaced and rebuilt the array.  Everything looked fine, but we soon discovered that were no longer able to receive messages in Outlook.  We were able to send with no errors or bounces, but they too were not reaching their destination.  We're still able to see our public folders and calendars, as well as any existing messages/folders in each respective user's mailbox.

Outlook is also showing each user as "connected" to the server.

The messages appear to be getting stuck in our local delivery queue, and our end users are getting Delivery Status Notification Delays and Failures.  

Usually these problems go away after a reboot, but not in this case.  I've tried starting and stopping various services, SMTP, etc.  forcing queue connections, freezing/unfreezing, as well as reinstalling MS Exchange and service pages, all to no avail.
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There are a lot of things that could be happening, but I hope I can at least try to start you off in the right direction.

First, does your Exchange server connect to a SPAM filter appliance? If so, make sure the rules on it are not preventing inbound/outbound emails.

Second, open Exchange System Manager and check the message delivery options (Global Settings -> Message Delivery right-click and choose properties) and verify none of the settings in there are preventing emails.

Third, check your recipient policies in Exchange System Manager (Recipients -> Recipient Policies) and make sure they are valid.

Fourth, check your routing groups (Administrative Groups -> Routing Groups) and verify everything there is set correctly.

And just out of curiosity, did the IP address of your Exchange server change when you rebuilt the array?
DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity EngineerCommented:
any errors in event viewer - related to this?
Is this EX2003 / IIS6 / Windows Server???

IF is is actually 'crashing' you can use Adplus tool to catch the crash dump file to find more information on this issue.

Debugging Tools for Windows(x64)

286350 How to use ADPlus to troubleshoot "hangs" and "crashes";EN-US;286350 

mkstylesAuthor Commented:
Yes, Exchange 03, IIS 6, Windows Server 03.  

IP did not change and I'm able to telnet to and from fine.  It appears that all settings and policies are as they were.

What I don't understand is that we're getting postmaster delivery failures delivered to our Outlook inboxes - if -those- can be delivered, why not the regular messages?
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Go to ESM and go to Administrative Groups -> Servers -> <SERVERNAME> -> Protocols -> SMTP -> right-click on Default SMTP and choose properties.

Verify EVERYTHING in there is set correctly
mkstylesAuthor Commented:
Verified, nothing has changed.
Try this in telnet and see if you are able to receive an email this way

MAIL From: <>
RCPT To: <>
Subject: Manual SMTP Test Sent Via Telnet
This was a manual test of an smtp server. It was sent via a telnet session. Please delete upon receiving.

Open in new window

mkstylesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help guys.  Ive been able to get our email moving again.  

I took our database offline, then used eceutil to repair and then rebuild priv1.edb, and then ran isinteg to fix any remaining data errors.  I then remounted priv1 and all was well  our queued messages sent immediately.

My guess is that something got corrupted in the database during the RAID rebuild.  Although it was not visibly apparent, it was bad enough to prevent mail delivery.  

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