Need a script to delete files with a number in the neame

Hi experts!
I need this fast so I don't have the time to hash through it, and besides, I know somebody out there has already solved it  :)

I need a script that will look at the file names in a folder and delete the ones containing a number.
I have:
I need to delete all the  "file1", "file2", and "file3"..., but leave "file" intact
batch or VBscript will be the easiest to implement..
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Try the script below, just adjust the folder name at the beginning; it will delete anything with a number in the name found in this folder (it won't process subfolders at the moment).
The script is currently in test mode, it will only display the "del" commands it would otherwise run, but not actually delete anything, so that you can test it.
To run it for real, remove the capitalized "ECHO" in front of the "del" command.
@echo off
set Root=C:\Folder
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('dir /b /a:-d "%Root%\*.*" ^| findstr /r ".*[0-9][0-9]*.*"') do (
  Deleting %%a ...
  ECHO del "%Root%\%%a"

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Dim objFSO : Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Dim objFolder : Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(ParentFolder)
For Each File in objFolder.Files
  strFile = Replace(, "." & objFSO.GetExtensionName(file),"")
  If IsNumeric(Right(strFile,1)) Then
    wscript.echo "Deleting " &
    objFSO.DeleteFile (file)
  End If

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drmarstonAuthor Commented:
Sirbounty: works perfectly, Thanks!
oBdA: I got an error with yours, but appreciate the speedy response!
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