Word document not option in dcomcnfg on Server 2003

I'm trying to set the permissions in dcomcnfg so my asp application can create word objects on a ms 2003 server.  Office 2003 is installed and I can run both Word and Excel on the server.  

From the server: dcomcnfg, console root, computer, my computer, dcom config
I see many applications including Microsoft Excel Application and Microsoft Office Access Application, and WordPad document

but I do not see Microsoft Word or Microsoft Word Document in any form.  

I've run word, created a document, saved it, rebooted, etc, but it still doesn't show as an option.  Any ideas why?  I can't set the permissions if I can't get to it.  

Something to note, at the bottom of the list of applications are several of the {...} registry looking keys.  

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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could try to reregister your Word application by running:
drive:\\path\winword.exe /RegServer
okcuserAuthor Commented:
If I search the registry for Microsoft Word Document, I can see that the registry key is the same of one of the "unnamed" ones in dcomdnfg.  If I click on the properties of that same registry key in dcomdnfg then I see it is pointing to winword.  I assume I can set the permissions on this key, but why is it not showing as Word Document in dcomcnfg?
Hi, I have the same issue. I use Server 2008, and /regserver isn't working. Thanks for your help in advance
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