Baja Mexico - DSL service - ISP - and Hardware requirements to connect to the Internet - Vista system

A friend has a place in the Baja area of Mexico and his computer does not have an internal modem or any router attached at this time, and is a Vista operating system computer.  He had a modem provided by Telmex which did work, BUT he asked that when they're not there for months at a time, not to have it used and billed.  No one can use it, it's all locked up, but they billed him anyway and no recourse for non-use.  This is all around the rental of their equipment (hardware modem setup).  This is ridiculous, so the next question is ....

What kind of modem would work so that you don't have to pay Telmex or anyone else for their modems in the Baja area to connect to the internet?  Found lots on google that have their own ATT DSL 5400 high speed modem along with a wireless linksys router that works just fine.

Not sure about the laws/issues between Baja Mexico and Internet connection options, but it sure feels unfair to me that someone could charge for equipment and services that are NOT ACTIVE and NOT IN USE, so seeking options and alternatives.

Thank you.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAsked:
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Your friend may not be using the equipment, but he has it, which means that Telmex has paid for that equipment and can't use it anywhere else, so I don't see why someone should be complaining about paying for it. Presumably your friend could cancel service, and then he wouldn't pay anything, but that would probably entail returning the equipment, then waiting for who knows how long to get things set back up when he actually comes back and wants to use it again...

Anyway, DSL service is inherently connected to the local phone company (just like cable service is inherently connected to the local cable provider), because a DSL signal can only travel over about 3 miles of wire. Even if another company provides DSL service in an area, they're still using the phone company's lines and have to set up hardware in the phone company's offices (or rent usage of the phone company's equipment). The only ways I can think of to not be dependent on a local supplier are:

1) Dialup - use a dialup modem and call wherever you like, paying the cost of long distance if necessary and getting slower service.
2) Satellite - there are a number of companies offering satellite-based Internet service. I don't know if there are legal limitations on using that in Mexico.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAuthor Commented:
He doesn't want to keep their equipment, since they have a rental charge.  He has no problems paying for the ISP equivalent services, when there and in use.  Do you know what other Satellite companies serving Baja in the event there are other options than just the one Telmex service?  And do you know if he can use a standard High Speed DSL Modem and Router as others I've found have stated work for them in the Baja area?

I thought perhaps Skype would be of some help here, but unclear, based on what I read here:

 I'm seeking alternatives....  Proprietary vendors of any kind (monopolies) just don't feel right to me.  People ought to have some choices, no?  Thus, this query.

Trying to help him find alternatives so that he can get his own equipment, yet subscribe to DSL service in the Baja area without problems.

Hope I clarified, but if not, will check back with gratitude for your help so far.

":0)  Asta

"DSL service" means Internet access provided via the telephone lines (which in Baja would mean either Telmex or, if they exist, competitors who are sharing equipment with Telmex--there may not be any). It is not a generic term for "high-speed Internet service."

A DSL modem will only work with DSL service. High-speed Internet service via satellite uses different equipment. Skype won't solve your underlying problem--Skype requires an active Internet link, which is what you're trying to find.

I don't know what satellite companies serve Baja. There may well be legal issues involved in providing service in Mexico (so companies serving the U.S. may not go there); you'd have to contact them. A Google search for "satellite ISP Mexico" turns up lots of potential results, but I have no way of telling you which will meet your needs. But I would guess that's the best route to avoid Telmex. On the other hand, I have no idea whether the satellite companies will be willing to turn service on and off (not charging when it's off).

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designAuthor Commented:
Thank you, closing.

We'll have to research further, but appreciate your responsiveness.
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