XenApp 5.0 Special Folder redirection


We are looking into XenApp 5.0, and there is a feature named Special Folder redirection...

I can't find much about it though, is this the "replacement" for drive remapping? I understand remapping is not availble on XenApp 5.0 on 2008, so will clients C drive come up as C: with Special Folder redirection, or will it be V:?

Hope someone can clear up the confusion..

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Carl WebsterCommented:

page 110

This is only useful if someone uses the some device all the time.  If someone roams to various devices this will not be a good thing to implement.  Using Special Folder Redirection allows folders like My Documents to be stored on the LOCAL device.  Not on a file server, SAN, NAS or anywhere else.  So if your user goes to DeviceA, creates and saves a document and then goes to DeviceB, that document is NOT available.  It is stored physically on DeviceA and is NOT available to DeviceB.
yoshi66Author Commented:
Ah ok...

So, in terms of Drive Remapping, there is no functionality in XenApp 5.0? A user's C: drive on their client will appear to be V: on their ICA session? There is no way around this?

I'm just curious..
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Carl WebsterCommented:
Just came across this on SFR:

Special folder redirection
" Map "My Documents" and "Desktop" to ICA session
" Mapping process is:
1. Upon application click, Citrix Applications client checks if SFR enabled
2. Client gathers SFR data and builds mapping structure for VDCDN40N.dll
3. Server acquires SFR data from client drive mapping (CDM) data header
4. Server checks IMA for permission to run SFR in users context
5. Server determines special folder location using logic in SFRhook.dll
6. I/O for special folders during session handled via CDM with SFRhook.dll
" This feature requires upgrade to XenApp 5.0 client
" Works on Windows Server 2008 only but can be configured using GPO's for Windows Server 2003
Carl WebsterCommented:
I can only see in the Citrix Policies where client drive mapping can be enabled or disabled or not configured.  You can also turn off the floppy, cd-rom and hard drives.  I don't see anything to allow the changing of the drive letters assigned.
Carl WebsterCommented:
Found out how to change the starting client drive letter:

right-click in the right pane
Select New, String value
Name the new string InitialClientDrive
Enter the drive letter you want, i.e. X:
exit regedit

This is an immediate change, there is no need to reboot the server.

This change must be made on every Citrix XenApp server.
yoshi66Author Commented:
Thanks, sorry, I should have expanded on the question, there is no way for a client's C: drive to appear as C: (because the server has C: used up and 2008 does not allow for changing this)?

Am I correct in thinking this? I'm just confused because in previous versions of Citrix you could use drive remapping so that clients could see their C: as C:, whereas now it appears you don't have this functionality.

Not that it's that important i guess, but I'm just curious if there was a new substitute for drive remapping/
Carl WebsterCommented:
Server drive remapping is not supported on Server 2008 and was removed from the product.  Microsoft does not support the OS on anything but the C drive in Server 2008.  Plus server drive remapping was breaking apps and causing support headaches.  Citrix has not recommend server drive remapping in a long while.
yoshi66Author Commented:

So, just to confirm, in XenApp, there is no way for a client C: to be seen as a client c:?

...out of interest, is there a link to Citrix not recommending drive remapping?

(that was last q i promise) :)
Carl WebsterCommented:
CLient C to be seen as C?  No way possible.

Citrix Server Drive Remapping Best practices:


Not recommending server drive remapping is something you here from Citrix tech support, class instuctors, session speakers at Citrix conferences, etc.


I haven't used server drive remapping since Serrver 2003 came out.
yoshi66Author Commented:
Many thanks!!
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