Save data to text file locally using AS3

Hi all,

Hope you can help me here.
I need to Save data to text file locally using AS3 or AS2.
I don't need this to work online so I suppose no PHP require here.
I've been googling but cannot find it and I was told that it can do done with AS if it's locally.

Here is the code:

Hope someone can help!



wall.addEventListener(Wall3DEvent.ELEMENT_SELECTED, saveText);
function saveText(e:Wall3DEvent):void {
// I need to find some code and insert it here!
// I just need to save to a txt file, no need to read later, just save.

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i'm 100% sure that flash on its very own, can't and will never be able to do it. but !!!
ooh maybe maybe.

me thinks  you have 2 options, not sure never tried it before.

1. as mentioned depending on how much data you have, use a sharedObject and get your application to read that.
2. JSFL - i did some googling for you, this might well be doable - not sure what the restrictions are on JSFL, but if this works (gonna try it out tonight myself) - you're sorted and you can now jump around in joy.

Hi, i disagree with whoever told you it's possible.
flash has no capabilities to write to the hard drive with exception to shared objects.

ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Is there ANYWAY at all to do this without using PHP or ASP please?
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nope. flash resides within the dreaded "Sandbox" - it cannot have access to the harddrive.
what exactly do you want to do with the text after it's saved.
how is this running if it's not online? projector? desktop application?
ST3VOAuthor Commented:
I've got a html file with flash embedded in it.
It's basically an image gallery which uses xml.
I've got an external application that reads this txt file which I want flash to write on so my application
know the name of the image that has been selected.

i'm shaking my head violently.

ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Please don't tell me that's there's no way in this world that this can be done :(
ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Thanks very very much!
Looking forward to jumping around :o)
ST3VOAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help!
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