Inbox folder list appears in Windows Mobile 6.1 Activesync but no emails

got a SonyEricsson Xperia X1 (Win Mobile 6.1) with similar problem as previously described in

When running Activesync it syncs Calendar, Contacs etc. just fine and even lists all inbox folders, but inbox is showing 0 items.
Have done the same on like 10 users with no problem whatsoever (same Exchange 2003 server).
Not a particularly big mbx (ca. 250 Mb), but got a lot of folders directly under mailmbx root.
Sending email works just fine, but it's not showing up in Sent Items.
Also tried to syncing the inbox with an SonyEricsson P1i that uses the Dataviz version of activesync and there is no problem at all synching the mail with it.

Anybody got any clues?
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jfabriciusConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Got it.
It was a problem with the users mailfolders.
The user added a second folder directly in Outlook mbx root names "Inkorgen" (Swedish for Inbox).
When Outlook started for the first time after an upgrade it did a "outlook /resetfoldernames", but couldn´t change default Inbox folder from Inbox to "Inkorgen", thus ended up with both.
For some reason, this caused activesync to use the user created folder "Inkorgen" as default outlook inbox.
After moving the user created folder out of mailbox root and running "outlook /resetfoldernames" again, everything worked just fine!

Have you tried this:-

Open up your Inbox on the Device. Goto Menu>Tools>Manage Folders and check the folders you want syncing.

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