Deleting messages from the big mailbox

I have mailbox in exchange 2000 which has almost 30,000 emails in the inbox which i want to delete. When i try to delete through outlook my pc freezed or outlook does not repsond because of mailbox too big.

Is there any way i clear/delete messages from exchange level instead of using outlook?

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30,000 items doesnt really seem that big.. Can you use another machine..? Else maybe use Outlook Web Access
DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity EngineerCommented:
Outlook has a delete limit -- before it freezes.
I believe it is around 2047

When a user has too many I help them delete in 2000 msg 'blocks'.

also it will sometimes remove a predefined

have 2500 msg Outlook may delete 453 to get you down to the correct 'size block'
I dont think there is a way around this, you can make sure you have the preview window off first.
Then do a search for the emails you want to delete, filter by a date range, then delete them.

It will take a while at first, but its the fastest way
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tech2010Author Commented:
thats I understand but do you expect me to sit and select chunk of messages and then delete it, it will take forever.

Is there any way we can delete it from exchagne server level?
If you disconnect the user from the mailbox then you can purge the mailbox completly from the server..
Or another idea you could write a rule that moves everyhting to the deleted items and then just right click on the deleted items and empty it..
tech2010Author Commented:
how to turn preview off in outlook?
tech2010Author Commented:
sorry thanks i got you.
tech2010Author Commented:
hi JohnGerhardt:

Do you mean i should delelte mailbox and then just re-create and connect to the user again?
Do you want to delete all the email in the box?

What you could also do is export the emails to a PST file, load it on a faster machine. Delete what you want there. Remove the account from Exchange, then reupload the new PST to your mailbox.

There is a utility called PowerControls that will allow you to export the mailbox direct from the Exchange server

This is how you disable preview in office 2003
DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity EngineerCommented:
reading pane has choice of OFF
Autopreview is a toggle ON/OFF choice
tech2010Author Commented:
greate thanks everyone. it was helpfull.
tech2010Author Commented:
tech2010Author Commented:
I was taking time because I had added the bigger mailbox into my outlook and then was deleteing messages so what it was doing when you delete mesasges from some's mailbox which has added into your outlook, it moves all deleted item into your deleted mailbox rather than that mailbox's deteted item which might make sense and this is where it was taking time. So i logged on as that users and opened outlook and then delete it and it was quick. thanks for all.
No probs, to delete without going to the recycle bin, hold shift key down and then delete
Did tech2010 mean to close directly with out assigning points...! It seems we were at least some help, maybe worth 125...?!>
Accept and Split between tristan20 and JohnGerhardt
DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity EngineerCommented:
Why leave me out?
He did not actually use the suggestion of - delete the mailbox instead he followed the suggestions to delete in blocks....from his own outlook account - opening the users mailbox
tech2010Author Commented:
JohnGerhardt and tristan20 were the most helpfull but i can't ignore DarinTCH as well. So all of you helped me out.

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Sorry DarinTCh, missed your top comment when I scrolled through...!
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