Business Objects XI: Incorrect log on parameters

I have many reports currently published to the Business Objects site that access a SQL Server database using an ODBC connection using SQL authentication.  This ticket database is now being replicated to another server and I am trying to publish reports that access the replicated database using a ODBC connection using windows authentication.  Using Crystal Reports, I can utilize the ODBC connection with windows authentication without any problem.  After publishing the report to Business Objects and utilizing the same windows credentials, I receive the following error: Error in File d:\temp\procSched\\~tmp1efc572dc97c20a5.rpt: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters.  The Job Server is set up to use local system account.
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crgary_txConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Set the job server to use your windows account if you have the access to the server box.. Once I had an issue with the LOVs and it worked after I changed the LOV job server to use a different login as per the BO support. There was no explanaition given for why it had to be changed when it worked before!
almalerAuthor Commented:
The solution was modifying each of the BO services to logon with a domain user account instead of the localsystem account.
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