Can I save an array in a hidden field?

I have an array of dropdownlist selections. For example array[0]= "Hello", array[1]="Bye".

I have a hidden field: <input id="test" runat="server" type="hidden" />

-- can i save that array in the hidden field, then grab the values AFTER the postback to the page?
If no, can I use a ViewState? i have a button, i click it, code rebinds to the grid but the ddl is OUTSIDE the rebinding code so it doesnt get re-bound. I want to save the values and stick them back in to ddl after the rebind..
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Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
viewstate will be the best place to save it instead of a hidden field and you can definitely get them back and use them as you feel like later on the postback

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You could use String.Join to delimit the values into one long string and then Split the value on post back to get it back into an array.  Just need to use a suitable delimiter like |.
Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
string concatenation and splitting will incur an unnecessary overhead and we also know that strings are immutable
i will recommend to use array list and incur the boxing and unboxing overhead rather than using the string concatenation and splitting
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There is also the serialization overhead of storing the object in ViewState, but I agree, string concatenation should be avoided if working on a large scale project.  I was merely providing a possible solution to storing the data in a hidden field.
CamilliaAuthor Commented:
>> viewstate will be the best place to save it instead of a hidden field
I just tried it and it worked. My coworker suggested a hidden field, Said ViewState wont work in what i'm trying to do.

Thanks. I will keep this open because i want to try something else with this viewstate. Thanks Kamila.
Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
-->> My coworker suggested a hidden field, Said ViewState wont work in what i'm trying to do.
can we know the reasons why your coworker said it wont work because in we normally dont use hidden fields now as often as a view state
hidden fields were more used in classic asp days
CamilliaAuthor Commented:
I said can I use "viewstate", he said "no, it wont work in this case". I think he just didnt know.
Let me try one thing with this viewstate and postback.
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