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Please advise, I still cannot find registry key for 1. Always send URLs as UTF-8 (requires restart),
2.HTTP 1.1 settings, select Use HTTP 1.1 and Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections, 3. Use TLS 1.0 .

I want to change it into select from clear in Internet Options - Advanced via registry.

Please could somebody a give me reg keys and values to change it from clear to select?

Many thanks

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radja2, any feedback?
You might try this free program to see if you can track it down by making the changes in the normal fashion with before and after "snapshots" of the registry:,fid,19540,tk,hsx,00.asp 
We downloaders tend do a lot of installing and uninstalling, increasing the likelihood of something unsavory happening to our registries. RegShot lets you take a snapshot of your registry, then compare it with a later snapshot. This could be after making system changes or installing new software, for example. A list is then made of all the modifications that have taken place between the first snapshot and the second. You can specify folders (with sub-folders) to be scanned for changes, too. The report can be produced in text or HTML format.  
 Author: TiANWEi  
Version: 1.53
File Size: 24KB
Price: Free
Operating System(s): Windows 9.x, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT

radja2--Perhaps of help to locate the various Internet Options in Registry
radja2Author Commented:
Hi sorry, thx for working solution I started to use procmon, I switched from regmon.thx a lot
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