Is it possible to embed credentials in rdl files

I have a question:

I have a little app that creates a rdl file and calls the RB 2.0 to render it.
I can have a sql server 2008 and a oracle 11 as possible datasource systems.

As I do not have RS installed, I like to run the rdls locally.
As we are targeting customers who do not own sql server, this is not subject to change.
Additionally, IMHO RS on SQLServer Express 2008 can not be used for oracle datasources.

When I run my report in an environment where "integrated security" is available, all is fine.
But: I can not assume that this is available at customer side: some have oracle and some have no integrated security
When I run my report in an environment without "integrated security" I am asked for credentials when I load such a rdl file.

So my problem is: how can I handle the credentials for the datasource.

I do not want that the user is asked for credentials every time the report is rendered.
I know that this may be a security risk, but it is no "knock out" criteria for me.

I played around with the rdl file but it ended that credentials must be given manually.

So I am searching for a way to enter them programmatically
- rebuild the rdl file so that the credentials are read from here
- transfer them as parameters to RB
- build custom code for the report to enter them at runtime
- anything else  is welcome

Best regards
Klaus Wiesel
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James MurrellConnect With a Mentor Product SpecialistCommented:
been looking into this and i am afraid the answer seems to be no, sorry
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