is it possible to correct a Mac from making ghost files on shared HD?

I went shopping for a Ethernet HD that would "play well" with Mac since in the past the mac would create ghost files of every file it would open or even "view". I was recommended aBSuffalo drive  and I am accessing through its proprietary software (they call the NAS navigator). So a PC version is installed on each PC accessing the drive and a Mac version installed directly form their CD is accessing the drive form a mac. I am STILL getting ghost files and am about to return the HD but wanted to know if the error is in my part and it can be corrected before I move all my business files all over again ot a new external Ethernet HD (thinking of getting the MyBook if its is compatible with windows).
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darron_chapmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The issue is when the drive/directory is viewed using a PC.  I'm using a MyBook ethernet drive right now and I'm able to access the drive using both a mac and a windows machine.  When I access a file on the drive using my mac, and then go to it using a PC, the "ghosted" file is there.
Those are resource fork files and they get copied when a file is copied or opened ... i don't know of a way to stop that from happening, but there is a utility that will clean them up....

give this a shot...
cecilia22Author Commented:
Will do - Now if I were to get  Mac based HD (like a MyBook) do you know if that would stop happening? and do they work with PCs?

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your response!!!
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