Slow backups of exchange

I am using Veritas 10 to backup a microsoft exchange 2003 server.

I am getting really slow speeds to a LTO3 drive.
My other back jobs run quickly.
both servers are on the same ip range.
Nics are set to 100mb full on both backup server and lto library, which are connected by fiber
VSS is switched 'On' on the exchange box.
Speeds are around 136mb for 188.2Gb  18hrs
The Quantum Autoloader is using symantec drivers
The backup is covering the public folders and the mailboxes and the shadow copy components.

Any ideas????

Any help would be much appreciated.

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Presumably the C: drive of the Exchange server backs up at normal speed (assuming the mailboxes aren't on it).

Do you have individual mailboxes selected or just the information stores. individual mailboxes (bricks) is always very slow especially if the server is in use which yours presumably is if it takes 18 hours. You should avoid backing up diring the maintenance period, this can involve splitting it into several information stores and setting a custom maintenance interval on each, then tuning the backup job.

Have you tried backing up a single server at a time and manually working out the speeds of the backup?

Try to narrow it down to a single server. Also try different volumes to see if one gets quicker than the other, may be able to narrow it down to an issue with open databases on a certain volume.
BerrysmithAuthor Commented:
Sorry should have been clearer, all my other servers are nice and quick, it is just this one server which is MS 2003 std with exchange on it which is slow.
i would try using diff drivers in veritas see if that makes a difference. OR you can try using a plain old nt backup and see how long that takes to run a backup that can single out it being drivers or veritas or if its just the database
BerrysmithAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this it is what i had expected may have been the issue, but needed some confirmation.
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