PS2 mouse port stopped working on multiple Windows Server 2003 machines

This is weird.  I have 3 Windows 2003 servers which the PS2 mouse port stopped working on in the last 2 weeks.  I suspect a Windows Update but I don't know what to do now (other than buy some converters and start using USB port).  I've tested a USB mouse and it works.

I can't just replace the mice since this runs through a KVM switch which doesn't support USB.  But we have tested the servers without the KVM and have concluded that the PS2 port is no longer working.  
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I would suspect the KVM switch to have caused this. A PS2 port shouldn't be hotplugged, as this can kill the port. KVM switches should prevent this from happening, but if this switch is bad or bad quality, they can cause ho plugging-like effects which can break the port.
mpiaserAuthor Commented:
That's the first I've ever heard that hotplugging a PS2 port can kill the port.   I've done it thousands of times without issue.  The KVM has been in use for a decade without problem so it seems odd that it just started messing up (although all things are possible).  I purchased a PS2 to USB adapter for each server and I will use the USB port instead of the PS2 port.
It doesn't always happen, but I have seen it happen now and then. The KVM switch is your common point which can cause this on multiple servers. I`d replace it.
mpiaserAuthor Commented:
We finally traced this problem to a bad cable.  Please close this question.

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mpiaserAuthor Commented:
We found the problem ourselves - it was a bad cable
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