External Distribution Lists in Exchange 2003


I work for a school which is currently running Exchange 2003 for mail services.  We have mailboxes for faculty/staff as well as for the students, with internal lists and groups all set up.  We'd like a way to be able to email all of the parents of a certain grade (ie Parents10), but with limitations.  

1.  If possible, it'd be easier not to have to create contacts for every parent.  If we have to do that, then we don't want those contacts to appear in the GAL

2.  We don't want the parent DL to show up in the GAL, as Students shouldn't be allowed to send to them.

3.  Will the parents have internal email addresses as well?  Is there a way to accomplish this without them having internal addresses?

Lastly, would creating all of these contacts have any licensing ramifications?

Our end users mainly use Outlook, Entourage, and OWA.  I know our internal lists have no problem with these programs, so is it safe to assume the external lists won't have a problem either?

Thank you for all your help.
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1.  sorry you are going to have to.
2.  you cant customize the gal other than to hide certain addresses from the gal
3.  you can setup custom address lists, and give them to the students.  
3a. no if you setup custom recipients they will only have the external address that they use, not an address locally.
4.  no custom recipients do not effect licenseing
1) If you want to include them in an Exchange e-mail distribution list then they are going to have to have objects representing the users in Active Directory. In this case (and to satisfy requirement #3) you would want it to be contacts.

How to create contacts with external addresses:


How to hide a contact from the GAL:

Check the "Hide from Exchange Address List" in the Exchange Advanced tab of the properties of the contact.

How to hide distribution list from GAL:

Check the "Hide from Exchange Address List" in the Exchange Advanced tab of the properties of the distribution group.

There aren't any licensing ramifications.

There won't be any problems using external lists for your various clients.

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iamcheeseAuthor Commented:
Ok, I figured there was no simple solution to this.  Do you recommend using ldifde to import mail-enabled contacts, or is there a better way?  They'll be about 2000 contacts to create.  Also, when hiding the addresses and lists from the GAL, can this be applied to multiple lists/contacts, or does it have to be done individually?
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If you have the items in an appropriately formatted list then LDIFDE would be an efficient way to impor them.

I am not sure how you would automate this operation across many objects... perhaps someone else could weigh in?
iamcheeseAuthor Commented:
Ok, I was able to import successfully using csvde.  Luckily it was easier than I expected it to be.  The problem now is hiding them in the GAL.  Hiding the DLs isn't too big of an issue since there are only about 10, but there will be about 2000 contacts when I'm done, which I'm hoping don't have to be done one by one.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
Can you select multiple items in ADUC?
iamcheeseAuthor Commented:
I can select multiple objects, but the problem is there are no properties to configure for multiple dls or contacts.

This is perfect.  Tested it out and it works great.  Pretty convenient tool for mass changes to objects.

Thank you both for your help.  Saved me a ton of time.  I'm going to split the points.
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