Problem getting Bala Boss working

We're trying to install a software called BalaBoss Client Navigator (v8.06) onto a Terminal Server (Windows 2003 R2) for a client.

We have mapped the application to the proper data file, using the installed "Workgroup Administrator" application it comes with.

When you open the application, you get past the login screen.  It start to load the file, but stops at 10%, and then the application closes.

When I check the event viewer, I get the following Application Error.

Category: 100
Type: Error
Event ID: 1000
Description: Faulting application MSACCESS.EXE, version, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x0455b0f0.  For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Based on my knowledge of this application, I believe it to be based on MS Access.  They have had issues with it before, but that was solved by installing the Bala Boss software BEFORE installing the MS Office suite of applications.  We did install Bala Boss before office, but are still having this problem.  
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see this is an FAQ/troubleshooter for BalaBoss installations. You need to go over the checklist one by one.
How do I reference the BalaBoss.mdw workgroup in the command line?
In the default BalaBoss Client Navigator installation, the following command line is associated with launching the BalaBoss Client Navigator application:

"C:\Program Files\BalaBoss\BalaBoss.mde"

The above command line assumes

 You have joined the BalaBoss workgroup (and therefore made BalaBoss.mdw your default workgroup), and
 The "MDE extension was successfully associated with MSAccess.exe during the installation process.

There are a variety of circumstances in which the above default may not be suitable for your particular workstation:

For example:

 You may use MSAccess.exe for other applications and you may not want the BalaBoss workgroup file to constitute your default security, or
 The "MDE extension may be associated with an application other than MSAccess.exe. In some circumstances the installation of Maximizer will cause "MDE to be associated with that application.

Under any such circumstances we suggest that you launch BalaBoss Client Navigator by using a more explicit command line:

sanderrobAuthor Commented:
Just thought I would update this.

We have had no success at this point, even with the assistance of the developers.
You should have posted back sooner.  It sounds like you need to update your access  or jet  service packs.   See this link:

Additionally, Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 fixes the following past problems:
Performance problems occurred when certain pass-through queries were run.
Microsoft Access unexpectedly quit when you tried to upsize a database where the tables contained triggers.

Note This service pack prevents Access from quitting. This service pack does not make it possible for you to upsize tables with triggers.
An "Invalid argument" error message occurred when you tried to create a linked table by using DAO code after the installation of Jet 4.0 Service Pack 7.
An access violation occurred when you ran certain queries that used linked Paradox tables.
Oracle integer field appeared as double in Access.
When you tried to create links to dBase files, you received an access violation or nothing occurred. That is, no link was created, and you did not receive an error message.
When you refreshed a linked table, you were prompted to select a DSN although you were still using the same DSN, and all the connection information was correct.

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