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"There are so many available, how do you choose?"
Periodically, I use 2 programs to inspect my registry: Registry Fix and Registry Mechanic.
Now, with Ascentive's "PC SpeedScan Pro," it comes up with 177 "errors" that the other 2 programs do not see; or, only a few.
Question: How do you discern which program is the most accurate? The safest? Etc.
It is very confusing since each program comes up with different results???
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I know this doesn't really answer your question, but my experience is that none of the registry "scan and repair" programs are worth using. I have seen more problems caused by them than fixed by them.

The results you are seeing gives weight to my feeling... which do you believe and trust????

Honestly... if I had to choose one, I would use RegCure. It consistently gets the highest marks in reviews and causes the least amount of problems.

Take a look at this:

just my opinion, of course....
I've used the registry cleaner included with CCleaner ( for years with no adverse issues.  It is a gentle registry cleaner, it looks for broken/invalid links.  It will also let you save before making any changes.


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GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Having listened to 2 reponses thus far, I am beginning to get a consistent message filled with potential dangers; basically: IT'S A COIN TOSS!

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Haven't we had this conversation before? :-)

See your question here:

Most often, the reason for such a variance in the number of "issues" found between products is that the programs don't all look at the same things. For instance, I have used CCleaner and the registered version of RegVac. They look at different areas of the registry, and drill down to different levels, so of course the results are going to be different. In one example, because of all the differences in the keys they search, I had two scans of the same registry. The one with RegVac found over 1500 issues for me to review, while CCleaner found less than 200.

CCleaner is a safer tool. RegVac, Registry Mechanic, jvPowerTools, and others may be more thorough, but with that comes a higher percentage chance of downgrading your system from a highly functional computing device to a barely functional doorstop.
I would not recommend RegCure. It is way overadvertised and I'm pretty sure that all those reviews for Registry Fix, ErrorSmart, Registry Easy, are all sites created by the companies. RegCure has way, way, way too many sites that recommend RegCure and they're probably all either created by ParetoLogic or paid to recommend it. RegBooster also seems to be way overadvertised but from testing it, it seems like a slightly better program. I would also recommend reading the "Registry Cleaners" section from:
I don't completely agree with the article though. I would recommend TuneUp Utilities (, CCleaner,
jv16 PowerTools (, Auslogics BoostSpeed (
GadgetDudeAuthor Commented:
Not only was I right ("Coin Toss") but I also have to admit that Souseran is absolutely correct: we have had this conversation before :)
This also teaches me a lesson: before going off and asking another question, check your "history" and see if that question wasn't, in some fasion, alredy covered.
I can only say I AM SORRY!  OOPS! I DID IT AGAIN!? :)
I guess I just had a "Brain Fart". LOL
Thanks one and all for your guidance and particularly, patience.

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