Outlook 2k3 Imported Contacts will Not show up in New Email

james1976 used Ask the Experts™
I have imported contacts from OL 2k3 on another machine. I used .csv. It
imports great but will not show up when selecting TO for a new email message.
I have checked off "show the folder as an email address book" and I have
changed the selections in the address book "tools Options" . The only time I
could get anything to show up was when I manually entered one contact ...
additional manually entered contacts did NOT show up. I have done this at
least 100 times or more and is generally straight forward. This has me
stumped ... Now I have started over so many times I am getting lists in the
address book "tools Options" and I want to delete most of them since they
don't apply and can't figure that out... this is a first time use of outlook
2k3 on this machine and is fully updated spk3 and any remaining updates.

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Any Ideas on how to resolve the problem described above?
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Hello james1976,

The autocomplete data is selected from Address Book. You need to enable Contacts Database As An Email Address Book in Outlook 2003

For Outlook 2007, here is how to enable Contacts as Address Book

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the reponse, but i have done all of that ...and it does not fix the problem.
Problem solved by me ... not sure how to drop points ....Very simple problem ...None  the contacts...and
I didn't notice this before .... didn't have one email address setup in them...Thanks for the response
Top Expert 2008

James, glad the problem is solved. You can closed the question by accepting your last comment as the answer and get the points back.

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