Performance issue on AIX

I have an AIX server which is consuming 98.3 % and its constant. Also my processes are not consuming that much of memory..What can It be or how do I determine this..
          Physical PagingSpace         pages/sec  In     Out  FileSystemCache                     
% Used       98.3%       6.7%   to Paging Space   0.0    0.0  (numperm)  51.4%                    
% Free        1.7%      93.3%   to File System    0.0    0.0  Process    24.6%                    
MB Used   15479.3MB   1655.1MB  Page Scans        0.0         System     22.3%                    
MB Free     264.7MB  22920.9MB  Page Cycles       0.0         Free        1.7%                    
Total(MB) 15744.0MB  24576.0MB  Page Steals       0.0                   ------                    
                                Page Faults       0.5         Total     100.0%                    
Min/Maxperm     448MB(  3%)  13439MB( 85%) note: % of memory                                      
Min/Maxfree    8000   8512      Total  Virtual   39.4GB       User       34.5%                    
Min/Maxpgahead  128    512    Accessed Virtual    7.9GB 20.1% Pinned     23.3%

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97WideGlideConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Here might be some commands to get you started :

- Top memory consuming processes
svmon -Put 5

- Top memory consuming processes:
ps aux | head -1; ps aux | sort -rn +3 | head

- Real memory use
ps vx | head -1; ps vx | grep -v PID | sort -rn +6 | head -10

jdenver247Author Commented:
But of the above commands...
ps aux | head -1; ps aux | sort -rn +3 | head - I see that %CPU and %MEM are zero
post the results for more assistance.

Please post ouptut of vmstat 5 5 and uptime and oslevel -r
Your current posted information does not represent signs of immediate performance problem.

There are other memory consumers:
shared memory (e.g from oracle)
mmap() buffers (e.g ibm_hppt_server)
process memory copies if they ever got swapped take swap for case they need to be swapped again.

Steps to take blindly:
1) allocate huge amount of ram by using vi against ~200MB file - does system relax after?
2) vmtune -f 1000 -F 1280
3) time sync ; time sync
4) smitty wlm - if you have idea how it helps.

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