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How do I determine who the parent AV server is for a specific client?

The old version of Symantec AV made is simple to determine who the client reports too (Parent server). The new AV client on 11.03 does not make is easy to determine this. Please help me. Due to high CPU utilization I am migrating clients from a virtual AV server to a Dell 1855 Blade server. I have 4 antivirus servers running different version of Symantec on 4 different domains in two seperate locations which makes things more difficult.
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jmlambTechnical Account ManagerCommented:
Unless you're using GUP's (Group Update Provider), there is no more primary/secondary servers in SEP. The SEP server(s) are part of a management list, where all clients in a given SEP domain will report to. If you didn't create multiple SEP domains, then all your SEP clients are reporting to your SEP server(s).

To view the SEP server name, double-click the SEP client icon. Click on Help then Troubleshooting. The server name should be listed in right pane and whether the client thinks it's online or not.
elemenohpee7Author Commented:
Excellent thank you for your assistance.
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