2 Separate Upstream Providers in a DC: How do a bridge them?

Hi there,

We are at a carrier-neutral data center with a half cabinet. We currently buy upstream bandwidth from company X.
Now, we also want to add bandwidth from Cogent. There is an additional Ethernet drop for that client.

How do we set that up? We have a "dumb" gigabit switch. I guess we'll need a second one for the 2nd ethernet drop?

Or, should we get a router of some sort? What would be the benefit and what would you recommend?
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kdearingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just a "dumb gigabit switch"?
No router or firewall?
Very dangerous!

I would suggest a firewall that has dual-WAN capability.
the_cymanAuthor Commented:
That is one option, the other is to just get another GB switch.
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