Error when trying to connect a laptop computer to the domain.

we have a small business server and I am trying to connect a laptop to the domain. I don't need to add a client just the computer. In the management console I chose "Set Up Client Computer" and went through the process of adding the computer to the network. The server said it was successful but when I ran Server/ConnectComputer/ on the laptop I get this error "Make sure that only one network adapter is enabled and that it is connected to the Small Business Network."
The laptop is running XP Professional and can connect to the internet so the network card is working.
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Point DNS to SBS ip address
Network connections> right click network card
Tcpip ... properties
Point Primary DNS to SBS IP address

Also,after changing DNS,  try disabling wireless nic and then try

Where is DNS pointing? Make sure DNS is pointing to SBS server's IP address
Do you have multiple Nics on laptop.. if yes.. disable rest as of now and make sure enabled network card is pointing to correct DNS
Disable the extra nic.. see for any vpn/wireless nic as well
Also, after making sure above things.. ping to your sbs domain name.. it should ping and request should go to your sbs server
jhmblvdAuthor Commented:
Just have one NIC card on laptop. How do you make sure DNS is pointing to server? In the past we just set up a computer at the server--then when you run the setup at the client desktop (in this case laptop) the settings were automatically configured. The internet settings are set to automatically obtain IP address.

However the laptop does have wireless capabilities.  

jhmblvdAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much!
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